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I don’t really like how this came out. This kind of coloring is good for drawings with less details. But beh, I wanted to try.


Senpai Janakya Dame Mitai!

While surfing through the chinese threads, I happened upon a cover of Gekkan Shoujo’s OP by 麻死 which I really wanted to share! She changed the lyrics (quite creatively) so that it became Kashima’s version of the song. Of course, Hori’s the person she’s singing it to. (Original source/YouTube Link)

I don’t know why, but yesterday, senpai was rather gentle.
(It can’t be anyone else but you.)
I have noticed senpai since a very long time ago.
(It can’t be anyone else but you.)
Hey~ Look at me more, listen to me more when I speak.
(It can’t be anyone else but you.)
Your head is full of those princesses and princes,
anything goes!

Yes, I want to hurry up and see you right now.
What exactly is senpai thinking of?
The world’s rules and truths, the meaning of love, the location of happiness on the coordinates.
I want to know more about you.
It doesn’t matter how many times I am sent flying by your kick.
I can’t just pretend to be cool, or I won’t be able to move forward.
It can’t be anyone else but you.

It has to be you, senpai!

nozaki’s secondhand embarrassment for waka is so bad that it probably verges onto firsthand embarrassment


Super Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (月刊少女野崎くん) poster with a vampiric Mikoshiba and a mummified Nozaki-kun, illustrated by Atsuko Nakajima (中嶋敦子) and featured in Animedia Magazine (Amazon JP).


don’t ever give me games with customization options that you can’t change later because i will never make up my fucking mind


blossoms in the warzone calm


omfg this was bound to happen i just KNEW IT

not too sure what to call this, i just happen to really like coats. the trolls will be done relatively soon-ish 


Modern AU Olivia and Tharja

Out of all the girls, Olivia is the only one capable of tolerating Tharja’s Robin shrine, so they’re roommates. They do typical close roommate things like sharing clothes and making sure that a certain someone doesn’t set the entire flat on fire. 

They also both work as waitresses at the same place. Olivia’s working towards her dancing career, and eventually, building her own performance theatre. Basilio still sends her checks every month to make sure she can cover rent. 

Tharja’s intentions for working are less inspired. The restaurant just happens to be Robin’s favorite pie place. Where else can she get a steady supply of Robin’s half eaten pies and sandwiches? Tharja also doesn’t understand what a dresscode is. 

Other Modern AU outfits

FMU - Lon’qu - Henry - Lissa - Maribelle - Miriel - Sumia - Cordelia - Olivia - Tharja 


"Tomorrow, Gregor teach Noire to wrestle bear."

Happy Birthday, sugarcykes ;3


Happy Birthday Nageki!

-Oct 19


it started out as a screenshot redraw…. but it ended up being a huge project omg…

I think Sakura and Nozaki found Narnia’s changing room.



how did anyone know to leave him a gift if he hasn’t got any memories? a mystery…



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